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Every home can smell. Rocking Robins Maids knows this and wants to help others know how to keep the smell down. Years of cleaning we have seen, heard, and used many methods to keep the smell down. The biggest places with the biggest smell is of course the trash can. Rocking Robins Maids takes out all trash as a part of the house cleaning. Taking the trash out once a week even if it’s not full helps keep the smell down. Washing the trash can, once every two weeks. Take the trash can outside and spray with the water hoes. This will help eliminate any thing stuck inside the can. Then take a wash cloth and dawn dish soap if the smell remains. Scented trash bags are can counter the bad trash smell. Refrigerators can often start to smell even if there is fresh food inside. This is because some things will leak onto the shelfs like moisture dripping off things. We offer fridge cleaning as an up grade. We can clean this for you. You should wipe the shelfs once a week and deep clean once every six months. Candles are a great way to make your home smell fresh and sometimes sweet. Essential oils are like candles. Instead of burning you put a few drops into water in a diffuser. Other ways to give your home a new smell are air freshers, plug ins, and incense. For plant lovers they already have natural air purifiers. They can mask cooking smells and unwanted odors in a cost-effective way. Plants can help cut the toxins in the air and improve the air quality. You can even have odors outside your home. These odors much like inside can be beat with plants like palm trees, peace lilies, and orchids. Keeping the moisture down can keep the mold and mildew down as well. Mold and mildew can cause bad odors and health risks for you and your animals. At Rocking Robins Maids we carry different brushes to scrub into the hard to reach areas. Between tiles mold will start to grow and turn color. Taking a small brush and ajax can do wonders for your bathroom. Making sure each room has proper ventilation to keep moisture down and bring fresh air to each room. You should limit the use of humidifiers and other appliances that create moisture. A dehumidifier will do this as well and help you keep your home in the ideal moisture levels of 30-50%. Airing out your home daily will rid your home of toxins, viruses, and bacteria. It will also save you money in the summer by cooling the home down. Garbage disposals can start to smell as well. Cleaning it once a week will help to avoid build-up of sludge and odor. All that’s left is a home cleaning to rid of the rest of the odors. Rocking Robins Maids is a cleaning company who wants to help. A cleaning company that can deep clean for you. Give us a call 8122269975 Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleanings.

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